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mcertified: M-Certified's Record-Keeping Policy
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M-Certified's Record-Keeping Policy
by Admin User - Monday, 14 June 2010, 02:44 PM

I. AWARDING CREDITS: Generally, you will be notified at the conclusion of the course that you have been awarded credits. If the learning assessment requires the instructor to grade tests, read essays or workbook activities, then you will be notified electronically (via email) of their status within 72 business hours of completing the course. If credit is awarded after conclusion of the course and a certificate of completion is required, the certificate shall either be mailed or e-mailed to you.

The following may disqualify you from earning credits:

(A) Failure to achieve the stated learning outcomes

(B) Arriving to the course more than 15 minutes late

(C) Leaving the course prior to completion of instruction

(D) Disruptive behavior which acts in contravention to learning

II. RECORDKEEPING: A permanent record of all participants and training attended will be kept by M-Certified. The training record shall contain the following information:

(A) Name of participant

(B) Demographic information available for statistical purposes (i.e. gender, date of birth, ethnicity, etc.)

(C) Address, telephone number and email address

(D) Name of employer

(E) Disposition of all courses enrolled or taken (name of course, date completed, status of completion, credits awarded)

III. ACCESS TO RECORDS: You may request transcripts of training courses taken by notifying the Training Administrative Assistant by calling (909) 670-1588 at least 72 business hours in advance. If you are requesting duplicate copies of training certificates, a nominal fee for duplication and postage may apply. Unless otherwise compelled by law, your records, including learner names, contact and demographic information, and course history shall be kept confidential and shall be available only to you, the M-Certified management staff, and your employer in the event that your employer paid for your participation.

IV. UPDATING RECORDS: We ask that you update you personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers. You can do so by logging on to M-Certified or by contacting us. Change of Information forms will be placed at all live training courses.